Wound Care in Livonia, MI

What Is Wound Care?

Wounds are an inevitable part of life. Thankfully, most of the wounds we suffer at home are minor enough that they can be treated with basic first aid. When a wound is larger or at risk of infection, however, it's a good idea to seek professional medical help at Urgent Care 365 & Aesthetics. Our trained team has experience treating different kinds of common wounds, from kitchen accidents to animal bites. We can also provide antibiotics and other options to prevent any potential infection. The next time you're concerned about a wound, we encourage you to contact our practice in Livonia, MI to receive high-quality care and attention.

How Do You Treat Wounds and Lacerations?

The details of your wound care plan will depend on your specific injury and whether or not infection is a serious risk. We practice several approaches for wound care at Urgent Care 365 & Aesthetics, including sutures or skin glue for lacerations, as well as incision and drainage (I&D) for infections. Antibiotics will be used to sterilize the wound while immunization or tetanus booster shots may be recommended if you received an animal bite or a puncture from rusted metal. Depending on the extent of your injury, you may need to visit regularly as you heal so our team can change the bandages and monitor the progress of your wound.

How Can I Know A Wound Needs Medical Attention?

We strongly recommend visiting Urgent Care 365 & Aesthetics if you experience any of the following:

  • An animal bite: Animal bites put you at risk of infection from diseases, like rabies, and should be addressed as soon as possible to protect your overall health.
  • An infected wound: If your wound is increasing in pain, has become swollen and tender, or bleeds continuously, your health may be at risk without antibiotics.
  • Improper healing: While wounds can take time to fully heal, you should start to notice improvements in the area after just a few days. If not, medical intervention may be needed.
  • An extensive injury: If a wound extends beneath the top layers of skin into the muscle or fat, you should seek medical attention immediately.

When it comes to wound care, it's better to be safe than sorry. Even if you're not sure about your health risk, our team can help identify any potential problems and ensure a smoother recovery.

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Expert Wound Care

Even a minor wound can lead to health complications without the proper treatment. If you've suffered a serious skin injury or don't like the look of an existing wound, we urge you to reach out to Urgent Care 365 & Aesthetics in Livonia, MI to get the attention you need. Our team will provide a custom treatment plan to help you heal smoothly.

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